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Our concrete professionals can do much more than just repair and replace concrete driveways, walkways, and patios. We also offer superior construction of concrete retaining walls.

Prized for their practical and aesthetic benefits, concrete retaining walls require precise and highly technical construction methods. Whether you require a simple yet sturdy poured concrete retaining wall or a stunning one made of colored or textured concrete, our team will get the job done.

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Protecting Homes Built on Slopes and Unsteady Ground


Concrete retaining walls are often unsung heroes for both residential and commercial properties. These functional structures serve as the first line of defense against soil erosion and the dangers of unstable ground. 

Houses and buildings built on unsteady soil and sloping grounds often risk experiencing collapsed soil or soil erosion during rainy seasons. Concrete retaining walls are a practical, cost-effective, and efficient way to help reduce the risks of these dangers.

Our team offers affordable, long-lasting, and stunning concrete retaining wall construction services in Philadelphia. We will help you improve your home’s safety and security against the effects of harsh rains and stormy weather.


Who Needs Concrete Retaining Walls?


Houses and commercial properties built on the side of a hill or along a slope most likely require a concrete retaining wall. Such houses and buildings usually experience soil erosion problems during the rainy season.

Properties that see a lot of standing water pooling in the yard are also a prime candidate for concrete retaining walls. These pools of standing water can not only drown roots and serve as a breeding ground for disease-spreading mosquitoes but also exacerbate soil instability.

If you are unsure whether you need a concrete retaining wall for your home or business, our professional concrete workers can lend some of their knowledge and expertise.

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Benefits of Concrete Retaining Walls


Concrete retaining walls are primarily constructed as a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to soil erosion issues. However, it is far from the only advantage these walls offer for any residential home or commercial property.

  • Help mitigate flood risks and dangers
  • Act as a barrier and direct floodwater away from houses
  • Prevents erosion damages from affecting neighbors
  • Increases usable space in hilly properties
  • Enhance landscape or garden aesthetics
  • Serve as a property boundary marker
  • Boost property value

Most of all, concrete retaining walls can help reduce the need for constant repairs, maintenance, and clean-ups brought about by collapsed soil, damaged landscape features, and moisture-rotten structures.


Expert Hands for Durable and Beautiful Concrete Walls


Poured concrete retaining walls require superior technical skills and years of experience to ensure proper construction. Without these, the strength and versatility synonymous with concrete installations may be lost — resulting in subpar durability and an unpleasant facade.

These are problems you can rest assured you won’t encounter with the Philadelphia Driveway Repair team.

We have years of experience working with poured concrete. Not only that, we have a history of providing the utmost customer service and delivering the best possible results with each project we take on. We make sure to use only the finest products, materials, and tools to ensure our clients get the quality and service they paid for.

Thanks to our commitment to providing high-quality services and customer experience, we have earned the trust of our clients and our local community.


Professionally Installed Concrete Retaining Walls


If you are looking for a reliable contractor to install a concrete retainer wall, look no further than Philadelphia Driveway Repair.

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